Advertising With Us

Chahat Group compelling news content and trusted multi-platform network attracts a loyal, upscale, and unduplicated audience. This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. Reach millions of small business owners by advertising with Chahat Group. Utilize online and offline options to reach your marketing goals. Advertise on our website, we have very low rates, and many ad media formats. Advertisers monitor their stats online using our Campaign control panel.We serve the following ad types...

  • 728X90 Leaderboard
  • 150X180 Rectangle
  • 468X60 Full Banner

These are some basic ad types we serve if you have another ad size or type in your campaign please contact us to discuss implementation and pricing. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from our site or is not in keeping with our family friendly atmosphere. We do not accept pornographic, adult, smoking, drinking, hate, violence, bigotry or other subject matter that society considers offensive.We serve the following media types...

  • GIF Image
  • JPG Image
  • PNG Image