Data Management System

Student Management System

Student Management System This system provides various records regarding students. Most of these track records need to maintain information about the students. This information could be the general details like student name, address, performance, attendance etc or specific information related to departments like collection of data.

College Management System

College Management System This system provides the detail structure of the college campus and its departments. College Management System synchronizes the working of all the departments. It looks on all aspects of a college, its students, faculties, Departments, marks and other co – curricular activities.

Organizations Benefit

Organizations Benefit: Today more and more organizations are concentrating on developing their talent pool by picking up young talent through campus recruitment. However, with the Our process allows the organizations to pick the required candidates as & when needed & also reduces time.

Easy User Interface

Our main aim is to provide very easy user interface to all i.e. for colleges, organizations and students. Our work is useful for saving valuable time and reduces the huge paper work. Chahat understand & respect the needs of all three entities "Organization-College-Students" and takes a holistic approach in full-filling their respective objectives.