Education Service

Admission Guidance

Only the best students in the world make it to the best graduate and business schools. An undeniable fact which makes the winning difference is the admission guidance they receive. Gaining admission to the premier schools which students globally aspire for is not an easy task. This seemingly tall order can be fulfilled and the ultimate achieved-if you have the right friend, philosopher and guide. This is exactly where 'Chahat Consultancy' steps in.

Collage/University Selection

College/University Selection Studying in good college is 1st choice of all Indian students. And they need an admission consultant to opt for a right college. But largely students are unaware about the admission procedures and later phases of study. We, at Chahat, provide college admissions counseling services and comprehensive admission guidance to students, helping them to choose colleges, universities or business schools as per their preferences and affordability.

Career Guidance

Now-a-days, the spectrum of career choices is vast and each of the career options seems to be lucrative enough to confuse students, which one to join and which one to leave. In effect, what happens is that they get carried away by sheer amount of pay packets right at the beginning of their career. However, when they go down the line, a majority of them get frustrated realizing that they have chosen the wrong profession – by the time.

Placement Consultant

Our Campus Placement & Pre-Placement Training vertical provides unique and unmatched services aiming to benefit Corporate, Institutes/Colleges and Students equally. We take an exhaustive but intensive approach right from evaluation of graduating students to recommending pre-placement training ensuring students getting their dream job during campus recruitment. recommending & ensuring availability of best Campuses to organization.